Known as the friendly Bengal Assoc.

Founded on July 10th, 2000
 Dissolution on August 19, 2013
The FIRST Bengal cat 501c3
and held the largest membership of any Bengal cat
organization in history.

The International Bengal Breeders' Association, Inc. (TIBBA) was a true 501c3 non-profit corporation composed of a group of dedicated breeders, owners and enthusiasts who were united in their efforts to preserve, improve and promote the future of all generations of the domestic Bengal cat.  One of TIBBA's goals was to provide education to the general public, pet owners and Bengal cat breeders around the world. This education will continue far into the future.

Unfortunately, after six outstanding years of leadership by the TIBBA founders, no members would volinteer to replace founding Offices and after six years, the remaining officers voted to file for disolution in the fall of 2012.

TIBBA's website will remain online to educate the public of the true history of the Bengal cat breed and of TIBBA.  


TIBBA was a proud Charter member of the 

International Progressive Cat Breeders' Alliance

Bengal Rescue

TIBBA Inc., was a legitimate 501c3 non-profit, membership owned organization.  In keeping with their goals to promote, preserve and protect all generations of Bengal cats, TIBBA's Executive Board set up a Bengal Rescue Committee and a Designated Bengal Rescue Fund.  This designated fund was established to assure that 100% of these funds were used for Bengal cat rescue efforts.

Many TIBBA members were personally, actively rescuing displaced Bengal cats, as well as finding new suitable homes for them.  TIBBA's Designated Rescue Funds were disbursed with Board approval, for necessary health care, basic supply needs, adoption fees, and transportation expenses, when necessary.  TIBBA Inc. had also donated funds to legitimate 501c3 feline no kill sanctuaries.

At the time of filing TIBBA Inc.'s form of "Dissolution", Officers of Bengal Rescues, and Organizations, were first contacted to receive funds, but could not, produce proof of having non-profit IRS status. Only the four No-Kill animal shelter/sanctuaries produced proof.

On August 19, 2013, all remaining funds ($7699.00) in TIBBA Inc. accounts were divided and donated to the following 4 (four)  documented 501c3 NO-KILL SHELTER/SANCTUARIES in accordance with Federal and State laws.

1. Pet Lovers, Inc.                                                         $1924.75

2. The Trixie Foundation, Inc.                                     $1924.75

3. Home At Last                                                            $1924.75

4. Animal Care Society                                                  $1924.75

                     Total Remaining Funds Dispersed                         $7699.00

The Dissolution of TIBBA, Inc, was compleated on August 19, 2013.

The Bengal Cat

The term "Bengal cat" refers to pedigreed Bengal cats and Bengal cat mixes.  We encourage you to make tax deductible donations to these very worthy cause to help save Bengal cats from possible euthanasia.

Disclaimer:  TIBBA Inc. helped rescue workers with financial support in good faith.  TIBBA Inc. does not accept responsibility for the behavior of these workers or for the cats they rescue and place.  Those who were/are involved in physically rescuing and/or placing Bengal cats, do so by their own authority and not by any authority of TIBBA Inc..

Please note:  Not all Bengal Rescue or Bengal cat organizations soliciting funds are legitimate non-profit organizations.  This means they can not legally solicit and receive tax deductible donations, nor have any oversight to assure the funds will all be used for what they were intended.  In order to assure your generous donations are tax deductible and legally managed, please ensure you are donating to an IRS approved 501c3 organization like TIBBA Inc. was.  All 501c3 non-profit and all not-for-profit organizations MUST by law provide a copy of their "Determination Letter" of tax status from the Internal Revenue Service whenever requested (small fee may apply).

TIBBA encouraged it's members to be actively involved in any and all domestic cat registries, (such as IPCBA, TICA,  AACE, ACF, ACFA, CCA, FIFE, GCCF, NZCF, QICC, and UFO) and all legislative issues that have the potential to effect Bengal cats.

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